I have designed several literature courses during my time as an Assistant Professor at Rowan University; as a Constortium for Faculty Diversity postdoctoral fellow at Macalester College; and as a graduate fellow with the School for Liberal and Professional Studies at the University of Pennsylvania, including:

  • Beyond England: Literature of the Global Middle Ages
  • Race and Medieval Literature
  • Global Middle Ages and Modern Media
  • Chaucer: Medieval Contexts and Modern Adaptations
  • Studies in Literature: Travel Narratives
  • Narratives of Contact: Global Perspectives in Medieval Literature
  • Monsters in Literature and Film: Medieval to Modern

The primary aim in my literature classes is to challenge students to think critically about the narratives that have shaped the way we view ourselves, each other, and our positions in the world. My classroom is a space of intellectual curiosity and knowledge production that is just as engaged with medieval literary histories as it is with our current social and political lives.

When I teach medieval literature, I am committed to disrupting contemporary appropriations of the Middle Ages as a heritage site for ideologies of white supremacy, while also attending to the particular forms of racial hierarchies that existed in the Middle Ages.

I’m happy to swap course syllabi and reflections with other professors who have taught similar classes and share similar pedagogical aims and interests.
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