About me.

I am an Assistant Professor of Global Medieval Literature in the English Department at Rowan University. I earned my Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania in 2018, where I completed my dissertation, “Exotic Allies: Mongol Alterity and Racial Formation in the Global Middle Ages, 1220-1400.”

My teaching and research interests focus on medieval histories of global contact and the literature they engendered; the formation of racial ideologies in the Middle Ages; and contemporary appropriations of the medieval past.

Before finding myself navigating the elitist circles of academia, I was fortunate to spend time away from higher education after dropping out of UC Santa Cruz as an undergraduate. I also treasure my years attending Peralta Community Colleges, the City College of San Francisco, and Mills College, while working numerous jobs in administrative support positions. I’m from the San Francisco Bay Area with love and roots around the world.

Sometimes I give talks about structural racism in Medieval Studies. For videos of two recent examples, see the Media page.